59th Annual Cape Dorset Print Collection Released

By September 13, 2018News

The 59th annual Cape Dorset Print Collection has been unveiled by Dorset Fine Arts and Kinngait Studios in Kinngait (Cape Dorset), NU. The 34 piece collection features a series of new prints and lithographs by Saimaiyu Akesuk, Shuvinai AshoonaQavavau Manumie, Malaija Pootoogook, Cee PootoogookQuvianaqtuk Pudlat, Pauojoungie Saggiak, Pitaloosie SailaPadloo Samayualie,  Ningiukulu Teevee and Papiara Tukiki.

This year also marks the first time sculptor and printmaker Axangayuk Shaa has been featured in the collection since 1961.

The full collection will be officially launched and available for purchase on October 20, 2018.

See all the prints from the release below:

Ningiukulu Teevee Uunnijut (Relaxing After a Meal) (2018) Stonecut 39 x 49.3 cm Printer: Qiatsuk Niviaqsi

Ningiukulu Teevee Iridescent Raven (2018) Stonecut & Stencil 35 x 30.5 cm Printer: Tapaungai Niviaqsi

Ningiukulu Teevee Blossoming Owl (2018) Stonecut & Stencil  37.5 x 35.3 cm Printer: Ashoona Ashoona

Ningiukulu Teevee Deep in Thought (2018) Stonecut & Stencil 36.8 x 32.7 cm Printer: Tapaungai Niviaqsi

Ningiukulu Teevee Storyteller Lithograph 56.5 x 76 cm Printer: Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq

Ningiukulu Teevee Surusiq Natsiaruqtuq (The Boy Turns into a Seal) (2018) Stonecut 52 x 55.5 cm Printer: Tapaungai Niviaqsi

Ningiukulu Teevee Soaring Owl (2018) Stonecut & Stencil 30.7 x 29.7 cm Printer: Ashoona Ashoona

Ningiukulu Teevee Swimming Walrus (2018) Stonecut & Stencil 27.5 x 37.7 cm Printer: Qavavau Manumie

Ningiukulu Teevee Owl in Amauti (2018) Etching & Aquatint 66 x 69 cm Printer: Studio PM

Pauojoungie Saggiak Spirit in the Limelight (2016) Stonecut & Stencil 67 x 46.5 cm Printer: Tapaungai Niviaqsi

Pauojoungie Saggiak Noble Owl (2018) Etching, Aquatint & Hand Painting 67 x 69.5 cm Printer: Studio PM

Pauojoungie Saggiak Uutuit (Walruses on Top of Ice) (2018) Stonecut 49 x 68.5 cm Printer: Qiatsuk Niviaqsi

Axangayuk Shaa Lively Caribou (2018) Stonecut 28.5 x 29 cm Printer: Ashoona Ashoona

Cee Pootoogook Surfacing Bear (2018) Etching & Aquatint 49.5 x 50 cm Printer: Studio PM

Cee Pootoogook Kelp Garden (2018) Etching & Aquatint 44.6 x 42.6 cm Printer: Studio PM

Saimaiyu Akesuk Checkered Bear (2018) Etching, Aquatint & Hand Painting 85.8 x 80 cm Printer: Studio PM

Saimaiyu Akesuk Bird on Parade (2014) Lithograph 56.5 x 76.5 cm Printer: Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq

Saimaiyu Akesuk Striped Bear (2018) Stonecut 43 x 62 cm Printer: Cee Pootoogook

Qavavau Manumie Song of Abundance (2018) Stonecut 61.5 x 96 cm Printer: Qavavau Manumie

Qavavau Manumie Celestial Flight (2018) Stonecut 38.7 x 61.5 cm Printer: Qavavau Manumie

Papiara Tukiki Woollybear Caterpillar (2014) Lithograph 51 x 66.3 cm Printer: Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq

Pitaloosie Saila Journey by Dog Team (2018) Stonecut 28 x 62.5 cm Printer: Qavavau Manumie

Pitaloosie Saila Arctic Vixen (2015) Lithograph 57 x 76.4 cm Printer: Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq

Shuvinai Ashoona Tentacles (2018) Lithograph 57 x 66.5 cm Printer: Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq

Padloo Samayualie Pebble Woman (2018) Etching & Aquatint 60 x 47.5 cm Printer: Studio PM

Padloo Samayualie Pebble Man (2018) Etching & Aquatint 60 x 47.5 cm Printer: Studio PM

Padloo Samayualie Kinngait Calling (2018) Etching & Aquatint 49.3 x 36.8 cm Printer: Studio PM

Padloo Samayualie Barnacles (2018) Lithograph 38 x 56.5 cm Printer: Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq

Quvianaqtuk Pudlat Aerial Courtship (2018) Stonecut 62 x 35.3 cm Printer: Qiatsuk Niviaqsi

Quvianaqtuk Pudlat Stalking Owl (2018) Lithograph 56.5 x 76.5 cm Printer: Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq

Quvianaqtuk Pudlat Defiant Caribou (2018) Etching & Chine Collé 80 x 98.5 cm Printer: Studio PM

Quvianaqtuk Pudlat Sly Foxes (2018) Stonecut 80 x 61 cm Printer: Cee Pootoogook

Quvianaqtuk Pudlat Mighty Bear (2018) Stonecut 61.5 x 96.4 cm Printer:  Qavavau Manumie

Quvianaqtuk Pudlat Rearing Caribou (2018) Etching & Chine Collé66 x 71 cm Printer: Studio PM


Shuvinai Ashoona Igutsait (Swarm of Bees) (2018) Lithograph 57 x 38.1 cm Printer: Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq

Saimaiyu Akesuk  Blue Beast (2018) Lithograph 57 x 76.5 cm Printer: Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq

Malaija Pootoogook Knives (2018) Lithograph 57 x 38 cm Printer: Niveaksie Quvianaqtuliaq

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