5.4/6.1 Fall/Winter 1990/1991

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The State of the Art
Marybelle Mitchell


Inuit Art: A Dynamic Art Form

International Perspectives on Inuit Art
Jonathan King and Ruth B. Phillips

Inuit Art in Germany
Werner Zimmerman

History at a Glance

The Eskimo Art Business
Marybelle Mitchell

The Distribution System for Inuit Art – 1990: Quebec and Northwest Territories, Hudson Bay Company

Government Activity in Inuit Arts and Crafts
Maria Muehlen

Who Sells Inuit Art, and How?
Dealer Survey

Different Rules for Different Artists
Av Isaacs

Inuit Art Activity in Public Galleries in Canada
Dorothy Speak


Crafts Production, A Priority of the Government of the Northwest Territories

Promotional Support for Inuit Art in Quebec

Inuit Art in Labrador

Public Galleries: The Big Eleven

Regulations: Inuit Art

Export and Repatriation

Two Facilities for Research 

Milestones in Research and Writing

Inuit Art at the University

Inuit Art at Three Canadian Universities and Two American Universities

Teaching Inuit Art in Canadian Schools

The Inuit Art World Directory

Inuit Art at Auction
Patricia Feheley

The Graburn Bibliography Project
Nelson Graburn


Samuel Sarick, Peter Millard, Norman Epstein


The First Passionate Collector
George Swinton

Pudlo: Thirty Years of Drawing
Dorothy Speak

NORTH/SOUTH: Current Issues Facing Museums


Inuit Art at the National Gallery of Canada: Changing Times
Marie Routledge

Trying to Present the Inuit World to the Non-Inuit World
Marie Routledge, Leah Inutiq, Marybelle Mitchell

The Nunatta Sunaqutangit Museum: Attempting to Build a Bridge Between Cultures
Helen Webster

Twenty Years of Researching Inuit Art
Jean Blodgett

Teaching the Anthropology of Art
Valda Blundell